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after that one day of thinking about it it was not a taliban ambush but a particular village in the valley that was passed about how much aid we had given to other villages they were sending us a message how they felt about our aid prior to rescission that seems like a crazy over reaction we will know that happens all the time that with the assistance we give to afghanistan that is 14 times the size of federal budget is responsible for a substantial amount of what we see on the ground. and in afghanistan doing exactly the surface layer to look beyond what is actually going on that you don't actually see immediately. what i have tried to do in the book is to start that conversation that i had in my head where i started to say there is a deeper level than just the counter insurgency dr. not just about the insurgency fighting a government but a bunch of villages trying to get authority over other villages in the way people fight and also of the dynamics of conflict common not only to the insurgency but gains, militias, all sorts of non state groups that compete to control popula
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1